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Mixing Solution


Remove the cap from the top of the vial. Clean the surface of the vial with an alcohol wipe.


Remove the syringe from the packaging.


Break of the lid of the sterile water.

Insert the needle into the water and pull back the plunger until you you will filled up 1 ml of sterile water into the needle.


Insert the syringe needle into the centre of the vial lid, once needle is in press the plunger so sterile water goes from the syringe into the tan vial.


You can add more water if needed or you prefer to dilute more (some customers prefer to dilute as little more because less chance to cause initial side effects.


Gently move the vial of tan around in your hand to help dissolve the solution (DON'T SHAKE)


Now place the vial of melanotan 2 in the fridge for storage until ready to use.


Make sure after use always put the syringe cap back on the needle and carefully dispose of it

Now your melanotan 2 injection kit is ready to use!

Please store the vial in the fridge once it has been mixed.

Can be stored in a refridgerator for up to 6 months

Unmixed the product can be stored 12 months in a cool and dry place.

Administering Melanotan 2



Hold the vial of melanotan upright, insert the syringe needle into the middle of the grey cap.

Pull the plunger until you have 0.1ml of solution in the syringe and slowly remove it.

Pinch a fleshy area of your skin, most commonly is approximately 4cm either side of the belly button, wipe the area with a sterile wipe.

Pinch a small bit of the fleshy skin area that you are about to inject.

Hold the syringe like you are holding a pen and at a 90 degree angle to your skin, swiftly insert the needle of the syringe into the pinch area of skin.

Fully press the plunger so all of the solution has left the syringe and slowly remove the needle from the skin.

 Apply the lid back on to the needle and dispose of safely and properly.

Cover the area that has been injected with a sterile wipe and hold for roughly a minute.

Dose Frequency


From personal experience and comments from our customers, we recommend that you administer your Melanotan 2 Tanning injections just before you go to bed.


This will make the initial side effects less noticeable.

To enable your body to get used to the Melanotan 2 entering your body, we recommend new users of Melanotan 2 to inject 0.1ml everyday.

Injecting Melanotan 2 every day after day 4 have a sunbed session to kick start the MT, and have a one every other day until you have the colour that you desire.

Once you have the colour that you truly desire, then you only need to administer one dose of Melanotan 2 per week.  Sunbed sessions are only required once every other week.

Any enquiries please contact us

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